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关于识别密钥系统要求 分类及地域范围如何使用识别密钥最佳方法 | 全屏模式 

识别密钥是一种交互式的图形识别工具,它能够帮助您识别世界上的100多种与人为邻的蚂蚁。识别密钥的使用关键是使用正确的 “最佳”和“次最佳”  按钮(菜单栏上看起来像一个魔术棒的图标)。需要经常使用识别密钥的用户可以时常参考最佳方法,以获得额外的提示和窍门。如果您还需要其它文档,请访问上面的链接。如果您有任何问题或想要报告错误,请在下面的评论区发表您的意见或参加讨论。请记住,识别密钥不包括任何土生土长的本地物种。祝您好运并预祝使用愉快!

使用贴士  > 使用“最佳”和“次最佳”按钮 | “查看”可以使字体变大 悬停在右下角的缩略图 开启/关闭字符和类群缩略图 使用“修剪”按钮 | 当只剩下一个物种的时候,请停止 | 允许来自术语词汇表和类群链接的弹出窗口 | 查看所有的菜单选项



Please post comments regarding any errors you've encountered, suggestions for improvement or questions. Your comments will help make future versions of the key more accurate and easier to use for everyone.

The 'antennal ridge present' character pops up too early for myrmicines with 3-segmented antennal clubs. It is a reliable but difficult character to interpret for novice ant taxonomists. It could at least come after 'propodeal spines present'.

If you experience any errors that prevent the Java Lucid Key from loading, please post what the error message was and what operating system and browser you were using. Thanks.

Workers of Nylanderia pubens will key out identically to Nylanderia fulva. According to Kallal et al (2012), "Workers of the introduced species fulva and pubens cannot be separated based on morphology. For morphological identification males are necessary. For further details see Gotzek et al. (2012)".

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The Lucid key must be updated to correct the html codes or display for greater than and less than. Specifically, check the 'size' character for Solenopsis (&gt 2mm vs. &le 2mm).

The latest Java upgrade is blocking the Lucid key from loading in many situations. To fix this issue you can follow the following instructions (

As a workaround, the user can use Exception Site list feature to run the applications blocked by security settings. By adding the URL of the blocked application to the Exception Site list allows it to run with some warnings.

Steps to Add URL to the Exception Site list:

  • Go to the Java Control Panel (On Windows Click Start and then Configure Java)
  • Click on the Security tab
  • Click on the Edit Site List button
  • Click the Add in the Exception Site List window 
    Add url to Exception Site list
  • Click in the empty field under Location field to enter the URL
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