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Links to Antweb and Antwiki added to all species descriptions

Antweb and Antwiki both have some excellent content, including species pages, maps, specimen images and literature. In order to make end-users aware of these pages, I added a new field in the taxon description content type called 'external links'. Now when the description tab is opened for a given species, links to that species respective pages on Antweb and Antwiki appear. EOL also has some good content for some of these species, but that content is already imported into the description.

I had to make an Excel formula to concatenate the different elements that make up a hyperlink that displays the species name and opens the link in a new tab. As a sidenote, the Antwiki site uses very clean URL's that are more intuitive, as you can see below.

Antweb: <a href=";genus=Brachymy... target="_blank">Antweb</a>

Antwiki: <a href="" target="_blank">Antwiki</a>

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