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Glossary illustrations

A major breakthrough took place today on the glossary illustrations. I was able to successfully import all the relevant media files into the glossary taxonomy. As of today, there are 436 glossary terms, of which 349 are illustrated. There is still the issue of allowing the glossary module to display more than one image, and also allowing those thumbnails to link to colorboxes, but the files are finally all imported and attached to the terms. Many thanks to Alice from Scratchpads for helping me figure out how to make this happen. The glossary images also need to be proofed to make sure the right illustration is paired with the right term, but this is a lot easier to do now that the images are displayed alongside the term. Another small issue might be that a few links in the Lucid Key character states might need to be revised to match the current glossary taxonomy.

Alice also mentioned that she thinks she has solved the specimen mapping issue, and that she will try and deploy the fix tomorrow. That would be another major development!

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