Taxonomic studies on the ant genus Strumigenys smith, 1860 (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) with report of two new species and five new records including a tramp species from India

ประเภทการลงประกาศJournal Article
ผู้เขียน (ทดลอง):H. Bharti, Akbar S. A.
คำค้นหา:Dacetini, Indian ants, Myrmicinae, New records, New species, Tramp

The Indian species of the ant genus Strumigenys Smith, 1860 are keyed. 24 species are recognized two of which are described as new and five represent new records to India. The 24 Indian species are: S. aduncomala de Andrade, 2007; S. assamensis de Andrade, 1994; S. emmae (Emery, 1890); S. exilirhina Bolton, 2000; S. fixata Bolton, 2000; S. godeffroyi Mayr, 1866; S. habropilosa Bolton, 2000; S. hemisobek (Bolton, 2000); S. hostilis Bolton, 2000; S. hypoturba Bolton, 2000; S. lyroessa (Roger, 1859); S. membranifera Emery, 1869; S. mitis (Brown, 2000); S. mukkaliensis sp. n.; S. mutica (Brown, 1949); S. nannosobek (Bolton, 2000); S. nanzanensis Lin & Wu, 1996; S. nepalensis de Andrade, 1994; S. peraucta Bolton, 2000; S. podarge (Bolton, 2000); S. rogeri Emery, 1890; S. smythiesii Forel, 1902; S. thanikkudyensis sp. n. and  S. virgila Bolton, 2000. 5 species S. hemisobek; S. mitis; S. mutica; S. nannosobek and S. rogeri represent first records from India. Among these S. rogeri is a tramp species which extends its limit to India as well. A revised key to the Indian ants of this genus is also provided herewith.

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