Individual experience alone can generate lasting division of labor in ants

ประเภทการลงประกาศJournal Article
ผู้เขียน (ทดลอง):F. Ravary, Lecoutey, E., Kaminski, G., Châline, N., Jaisson, P.
วารสาร:Current Biology
วันที่ลงประกาศ:Aug 7

SEE: Comment in: Curr. Biol. 2007 Sep 4; 17(17):R766-8.*[We show that ant workers engaged in distinct functions in accordance with their previous experience. When individuals were experimentally led to discover prey at each of their foraging attempts, they showed a high propensity for food exploration. Conversely, foraging activity progressively decreased for individuals who always failed in the same situation. One month later, workers that previously found prey kept on exploring for food, whereas those who always failed, specialized in brood care. Thus, it appears that individual experience can strongly channel the behavioral ontogeny of ants to generate a lasting division of labor.]

วารสารทางเลือก:Curr. Biol.
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