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A review of the ants of the Florida Keys

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1988
Authors:M. Deyrup, Carlin, N., Trager, J., Umphrey, G.
Journal:Florida Entomologist
Date Published:Published: 20 Ju

A new survey of the ants of the Florida Keys increases the known fauna from 30 to 83 species. An annotated list provides data on habitats, collection sites, and location of vouchers. Solenopsis corticalis Forel, Leptothorax torrei (Aguayo) and Monomorium ebeninum Forel are new records for the U.S. The fauna includes 27 exotics and 31 species native to the Southeastern Coastal Plain; most of the remaining species are Antillean. There are 2 possibly endemic species. The proportion of known exotics (33%) in the fauna is the highest for any area in the U.S. There is evidence that populations of certain exotics are increasing with increasing disturbance of remaining native habitats. Species diversity in the Keys is probably limited by 1) limited habitat diversity, 2) lack of easy access to the rich ant fauna of the Neotropics, and 3) unsuitability of the climate and habitats for many species found farther north.

Alternate Journal:Florida Entomol.
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