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A preliminary list of the ants of Florida

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1989
Authors:M. Deyrup, Johnson, C., Wheeler, G. C., Wheeler, J.
Journal:Florida Entomologist
Date Published:Published: 31 Ma

A list is given of ants known to occur in Florida. Except for widespread species the known distribution by counties is recorded. Species which require further study are listed in an appendix. This list is preliminary to a book which will treat fully the ant fauna of the state.*[Tri. lanuginosa synonymized to Tetramorium striatidens]. Species excluded or doubtful in Florida: Aphaenogaster miamiana, Aphaenogaster texana, Camponotus incensus, Colobopsis pylartes, Crematogaster viride, Leptothorax elongata, Monomorium minimum, Paratrechina parvula (early records), Pheidole anastasii, Pheidole diversipilosus, Pheidole greggi, Pheidole pilifera, Pheidole vinelandica, Solenopsis molesta.

Alternate Journal:Florida Entomol.
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