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A monographic revision of the ant genus Ponera Latreille (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1967
Authors:R. W. Taylor
Journal:Pacific Insects Monograph
Date Published:Published: 30 Ma

*[Most species of Ponera s. lat. may be assigned to a newly delimited genus taking the name Hypoponera Santschi (new status, for Ponera subgenus Hypoponera). Following discussion of the new generic classification, the 28 living & 1 extinct species remaining in Ponera are monographed. Species described as new are: Ponera alpha, P. angusta (NE New Guinea); P. borneensis (Borneo); P. chapmani (Negros, Philippines); P. manni (Viti Levu, Fiji), P. loi, & P. woodwardi (Upolu, Samoa). Ponera coarctata var. atlantis Santschi, 1921, Ponera coarctata coarctata colchica Arnoldi, 1932, Ponera coarctata var. crassisquama Emery, 1916 Ponera coarctata var. lucida Emery, 1898, Ponera coarctata var. lucidula Emery, 1909, Ponera coarctata taurica Arnoldi, 1932, & Ponera coarctata var. testacea Emery, 1895 are a n.syn. of Ponera coarctata. Ponera japonica var. crocea Santschi, 1941 is an n. syn. of Ponera japonica Wheeler, 1906; Nec. Ponera crocea Roger, 1860. Ponera japonica st. formosae Forel (1913 is an.syn. of Hypoponera gleadowi Forel. Ponera ratardorum Wilson, 1957 is a n.syn. of Ponera incerta (Wheeler) 1933 [Pseudocryptopone incerta Wheeler, 1933]. Ponera leae subsp, oculata Wheeler, 1927 [nec. Ponera oculata Fr.Smith, 1858], Ponera leae subsp, norfolkensis Wheeler, 1935 [nom pro P. oculata Wheeler, 1927], Ponera norfolkensis: Taylor, 1960, Ponera caledonica Wilson, 1957, & Ponera excedra Wilson, 1957 are all n.syn of Ponera leae Forel, 1913. Ponera huonica Wilson, 1957 is a n.syn. of Ponera tenuis (Emery) 1900 [Cryptopone tenuis Emery, 1900]. Pseudocryptopone mocsaryi: Wheeler, 1933 is a syn. of Ponera szaboi Wilson, 1957 [Nom. Pro. Cryptopone mocsdryi Szabo, 1910; (nec Ponera mocsaryi Emery, 1900].Includes a list (p. 13) of new combination in Hypoponera. The originally assigned status is given in parentheses: H. abeillei (Andre) 1881 (Ponera) ; H. angustata (Santschi) 1914 (Cryptopone); H. biroi (Emery) 1900 (Ponera); H. boerorum (Forel) 1901 (Ponera coarctata subspecies) new status; H. camerunensis (Santschi) 1914 (Ponera abeillei variety) new status; H. ceylonensis (Mayr) 1897 (Ponera); H. eduardi (Forel) 1894 (Ponera); H. gleadowi (Forel) 1895 (Ponera); H. hartwigi (Arnold) 1934 (Cryptopone); H. imatongica (Weber) 1942 (Ponera coarctata subspecies) new status; H. mackayensis (Forel) 1900 (Ponera coarctata subspecies) new status; H. monticola (Mann) 1921 (Ponera); H. natalensis (Santschi) 1914 (Ponera coarctata subspecies) new status; H. punctatissima (Roger) 1859 (Ponera); H. queenslandensis (Forel) 1900 (Ponera); H. scitula (Clark) 1934 (Ponera); & H. zwaluwenburgi (Wheeler) 1933 (Pseudocryptopone).In Samoa (Afiamalu,), ants were plentiful in disturbed rain forest & included a number of probably introduced forms such as Ponera incerta, P. tenuis, Cryptopone testacea (Emery), Odontomachus simillimus Fr. Smith, Strumigenys rogeri Emery, Pheidole umbonata Mayr, Pheidole sexspinosa Mayr, Solenopsis papuana Emery, & Nylanderia vaga (Forel). Some of these had penetrated the adjacent rain forest but were much less abundant than in the cleared area. Apparently endemic species included Ponera loi, Ponera woodwardi, Ectomomyrmex insulanus Mayr, & one undescribed species each in Vollenhovia, Rogeria, & Pheidole.]

Alternate Journal:Pac. Insects Monogr.
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