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Introduced ants in the United Arab Emirates

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1997
Authors:C. A. Collingwood, Tigar, B. J., Agosti, D.
Journal:Journal of Arid Environments
Date Published:Published: Nov 1

*[Fifteen species of introduced ants, including 8 cosmopolitan or tramp species, are recorded for the first time in the United Arab Emirates. They are Cardiocondyla emeryi, Camponotus compressus, Iridomyrmex anceps, Linepithema humile, Monomorium destructor, Monomorium indicum, Pachycondyla sennaarensis, Paratrechina flavipes, Paratrechina jaegerskioeldi, Paratrechina longicornis, Pheidole teneriffana, Solenopsis geminata, Tapinoma melanocephalum, Tapinoma simrothi, & Tetramorium bicarinatum. A synopsis of their distribution, biology, & pest status is given. Introduced species contribute an unusually high proportion of local ants & the ecological implications of their presence are discussed, including displacement of native fauna & impact upon human health. These ants abound in man-made, mesic environments & do not reach the characteristic sandy deserts of the region. Most invasive species are probably benign, but P. sennaarensis, M. destructor, & S. geminata pose potential problems as public health & nuisance pests. The highly competitive S. geminata & L. humile may also threaten the local entomofauna & biodiversity. Camponotus compressus, Iridomyrmex anceps, Linepithema humile, Solenopsis geminata, & Tetramorium bicarinatum have not been previously recored from Arabia.]

Alternate Journal:J. Arid Environ.
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