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Formicidae (Insecta: Hymenoptera) of Saudi Arabia (Part 2)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1996
Authors:C. A. Collingwood, Agosti D.
Journal:Fauna of Saudi Arabia
Date Published:Published: 15 Ap

*[The known species of the entire Arabian Peninsula are listed. The present total of 265 species includes 3-genera new to the Arabian fauna, Leptanilla; Yavnella, & Solenopsis; 30 records of species new to the Arabian fauna; & additionally, 56 species new to science: Cryptopone arabica, Messor hismai, Messor muraywahus, Messor muscatus, Messor sanganus, Leptothorax saudiae, Cardiocondyla gallagheri, Cardiocondyla yemeni, Tetramorium latinode, Tetramorium yemene, Monomorium acutinode, Monomorium aeyade, Monomorium asiriense, Monomorium baushare, Monomorium brunneolucidulum, Monomorium buettikeri, Monomorium dammame, Monomorium dirie, Monomorium fayfaense, Monomorium fezzanense, Monomorium gallagberi, Monomorium hanaqe, Monomorium barithe, Monomorium hemame, Monomorium jizane, Monomorium knappi, Monomorium mahyoubi, Monomorium majarishe, Monomorium marmule, Monomorium matame, Monomorium mintiribe, Monomorium montanum, Monomorium najrane, Monomorium qarabe, Monomorium rimae, Monomorium riyadhe, Monomorium subdenticorne, Monomorium suleyile, Monomorium tumaire, Monomorium wahibiense, Monomorium yemene, Solenopsis omana, Solenopsis sumara, Solenopsis zingibara, Anoplolepis longitarsis, Lepisiota dammama, Lepisiota dhofara, Lepisiota harteni, Lepisiota riyadha, Cataglyphis acutinodis, Cataglyphis flavobrunneus, Cataglyphis harteni, Cataglyphis holgerseni, Cataglyphis opacior, Cataglyphis shuaibensis, & Camponotus gallagheri. Monomorium karawajewi is synonymized with Monomorium mayri. Six species are given new status: Cataglyphis auratus, C. vaucheri, Crematogaster melanogaster, Messor crawlei, Pbeidole katonae, & Technomyrmex bruneipes. Species which range outside Arabia is summarized.]

Alternate Journal:Fauna Saudi Arabia
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