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Exotic ants of the Florida keys (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Publication Type:Book Chapter
Year of Publication:1991
Authors:M. Deyrup
Editor:W. H. Eshbaugh
Publisher:Bahamian Field Station
City:San Salvador, Bahamas

*[Lists 29 species he considers exotic in Table 1. C. decipiens, O. brunneus, P. concinna, P. wojciki, S. dietrichi, & S. louisianae are listed in text table as rare native. C. planatus, C. rimosus, E. floridana, & O. ruginodis are listed in Appendix A as species not previously considered exotic. B. obscurior, L. torrei, P. stigma, P. punctata, P. cubaensis, P. elongatus, S. corticalis, & S. geminata are listed in Appendix B as species considered dubious natives. 84 species known from the Florida Keys, of which 29 (34%) are exotic. Ants are indicators of environmental healthiness.]

Abbreviation:Proceedings of the 4th symposium on the natural history of the Bahamas
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