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Cerapachys longitarsus

From Antwiki: "Cerapachys longitarsus was originally described from India and subsequently recorded from UAE (Collingwood et al., 2011); Egypt (Sharaf, 2006); Philippines, North Australia, and Taiwan (Terayama et al., 1988). At Rawdhat Khorim, Saudi Arabia, this species is considered rare, with only four specimens. All are alate males, three attracted to a light trap and one collected by a pitfall trap. They were collected in April, October and November (Sharaf et al., 2013)." Also reported from south-western Australia in Heterick 2009: 15.

Heterick B. E. 2009. A guide to the ants of south-western Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum Supplement 76: 1-206. 

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