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Ants of the Florida Keys: species accounts, biogeography, and conservation (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2014
Authors:C. S. Moreau, Deyrup, M. A., Davis, L. R.
Journal:Journal of Insect Science
Pagination:295 - 295
Date Published:Jan-01-2014
Keywords:biodiversity, Biogeography, Climate change, Florida, insect, Invasive species

As a tropical archipelago, the Florida Keys provide an ideal environment to examine the historic and short-term processes that structure and influence biological diversity. Through a new survey of the ants of the Florida Keys, we increase our knowledge of the number of species to 94 representing 34 genera and 8 subfamilies. Through detailed collection information, we provide an in depth picture of the distribution of each species across the Keys. On the basis of these data and information on the native and known distributions of each species, we confirm the historical trend toward continued immigration of nonnative species into the Florida Keys and present these findings in the context of the proportion of native to nonnative species. We find a similar number of species introduced from the Old World and Neotropical mainland and discuss the probable immigration of mainland Florida species during the exposure of the Florida Shelf during the last glacial episode and the subsequent isolation of some populations as sea level rose following the last glaciation. Lastly, we discuss the possible threats to these populations due to rapid climate change and other human influences.

Short Title:Journal of Insect Science
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